My Vital Best

My Vital Best was created Jan LaPoint. Jan came to me as client requesting help with tweaking an aura spray. The amount of angels that wanted to participate was crazy. We had a lot of fun perfecting her aura spray and I must say, it is amazing! As a thank you, Jan and I met for lunch and she gave me a sample of her Essential Vibe Aura spray and her Essential Aid spray.  I could tell right away how well the Essential Vibe spray worked and knew I would use it in my practice. The following weekend, my husband went mountain biking and came home with road rash covering both his forearms. I decided to try the Essential Aid spray on his wounds. To say we were amazed is an understatement. He healed so much faster than he has before (he gets road rash often) and with no scarring. I have since used it in countless ways and even put one in my travel bag so I always have a bottle on hand!I loved them so much that I asked Jan if I could offer her products on my site. They are too good not to be shared and I for one will be a life long customer.  My body and vibration respond so well to them.

Essential Vibe™ Aura Spray – $19.99

1 oz. bottle of Vibration-Enhancing Mist. Energetically balanced and designed to purify and renew your energetic fields, lift your vibration and enhance your well-being.

The 100% pure therapeutic-grade Essential Oils used in ESSENTIAL VIBE™ are chosen from around the world  for their highest energetic signatures and biodynamic functionality.

Through our proprietary activation process, this formulation is imbued with the information and physiologic qualities of each of these Essential Oils.   We further empower our ESSENTIAL VIBE™ through the addition of our solar-charged crystal elixir, which contains the vibrational qualities of many crystals, semi-precious gemstones and precious gemstones and metals.

Finally, Reiki is performed to imprint healing and protection upon the finished blend.

ESSENTIAL VIBE™  Vibration-Enhancing Mist is Divinely inspired and crafted with LOVE.

This refreshing mist is FREE of synthetic fragrances, phthalates, parabens, petrochemicals and artificial preservatives.  It may be used to cleanse any area or energetic environment, and with its beautiful fragrance, you may also safely enjoy it as a body mist.

Essential Aid®First Aid Spray – $19.99

All-in-ONE Poly-Nutrient Solution – 1 oz. spray

An holistic, ESSENTIAL OIL spray, combining the MULTI-FUNCTIONAL aspects of each ESSENTIAL OIL and plant compound to create a synergistically balanced blend, able to truly MULTI-TASK and address multiple conditions – safely and naturally.    It is said that a truly “FUNCTIONAL” system..

“..reduces disease and the risk of INFECTION and promotes general health and well-being”.

ESSENTIAL AID® All-in-ONE Poly-Nutrient Solution IS such a system.

ESSENTIAL AID® is the ONLY All-in-ONE Poly-Nutrient Solution providing MAXIMUM PLANT-BASED PROTECTION for quick relief from many of the minor health issues faced by active people – moms, dads, kids, caregivers, athletes, home and professional chefs, campers, hikers, bikers, gardeners, golfers, weekend “warriors” – all of you who at one time or another have needed quick and  SOOTHING PAIN RELIEF for minor BURNS and INJURIES, protection from GERMS and BUGS & some well-deserved relaxation with the aid of its calming  AROMATHERAPY.*

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not designed to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent or any disease.

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