Heal your soul and regain your personal power

About Peacock…

For me, Peacock embodies many aspects of our healing and spiritual journeys. Peacock has many gifts to offer, including all aspects of beauty, wholeness, dignity, self-respect, confidence, and mindfulness.

Peacock’s feathers are meaningful, for they have an association with resurrection and rising out of the ashes and, therefore, reminds us of our soul’s immortality. In shamanic rituals Peacock’s feathers are used as an aid in healing to get rid of negative psychic imprints that have attached themselves to a person’s energetic field. They help us shed the old feathers of our past and take back the true beauty of our individuality. The eyes on Peacock’s feathers represent their ability to see into the past, present, and future and can teach us how to stir our clairvoyant gifts.

Peacock has a boisterous cry that holds a touch of laughter – implying that nothing should be taken too seriously. This helps us to stay centered on what is and to have a more light-hearted approach to all things that come our way, as laughter really is the best medicine.

Peacock reminds us that true beauty comes from the inside. In order to look for beauty in your life, look within and you will see beauty in the world.