A self-study online course to help you turn being an empath from a hindrance to a super power!


In this course, you will learn different ways to manage the empath trait in wonderful and healing ways.

With this Self-study Online Course you will:


Learn the different types of empaths and the traits that they hold

Learn what type or types of empath you are and what is needed to be clear and not inundated with the energies

Understand the brain differences & genetics of empathetic people

Learn how to manage being an empath

Learn the pro’s and con’s of shielding and mirroring

Understand the importance of aura cleansing and may ways to clear yourself

Learn the importance of differentiating between what is your energy verses another’s.

Experience practical exercises that help you take your power back so that being an empath doesn’t feel like a punishment.

Enroll now and start today!

A person with the paranormal ability to perceive the mental or emotional state of another individual. This is the definition of an empath. My definition is as follows: A person who is sensitive to the surrounding universe, whose body and mind responds accordingly. Before taking this course I had no idea what being an empath was, but now I fully understand and have learned techniques to minimize the negative effects of this universal sensitivity. I learned this through much time spent working on the very useful practices this course has to offer. I believe that the world is filling up with more and more of these sensitive beings (empaths), and until we ban together, the world we live in will always get in the way of our dreams and aspirations. Join me and an elite few in the spiritual community and lets try to pick this world back up, and have her land on her two feet.

Joe Prevatte

This course taught me to embrace my own sensitivities as a true gift rather than a burden. I think that there’s a lot of misinformation out there about what it truly means to be empathic and often, we’re taught that it’s something that we need to shield ourselves from. I loved that Jenny really “flipped the script” on what it means to be an Empath. She sheds a light on what it means to have these incredible gifts and how to use them in a way that is truly empowering.

Kelsey Kuehl

The “Being An Empath Is A Super Power” course really helped me understand what was happening in my daily life. Coupled with “Self Care For The Energetically Sensitive,” it taught me how to control what I can, and deal with what I cannot. It’s an amazing course if you’re just starting to open up to your spirituality or if you just want to get to know yourself better. Either way, it’s a win win.

Linda Prevatte


  • Access to the Return to Self learning environment for self-study where you will be able to engage with the lessons recorded audios and slide show.

Enter the Return to Self Academy and create your own user, then you will be able to enroll and access this complete course:

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Self-study Online Course: Being an Empath is a Superpower! 

Module I – Defining empath

Module II – Types of empaths

Module III – The empaths brain

Module IV – Management

Module V – Encompassing all

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Course: Being an Empath is a Super Power
Course: Self-Care for the Energetically Sensitive

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  • Course: Understanding Spirit Communication
  • Course: Connecting with your Spiritual Team
  • Course: Being an Empath is a Super Power
  • Course: Self Care for the Energetically Sensitive
  • Course: Healing your Inner Child
  • Course: Exploring the Unconscious Shadow

Available Now

You will be able to access and study your course at your pace and at any given time.

24/7 the study material will be available for you.

This course is for you if:

  • You feel overwhelmed in public
  • You feels you pick up other people’s energy and it impacts your moods
  • You are someone that is unable to differentiate between what is your energy or another person’s.
  • You need clear cut tools and practices to turn being an empath from a hindrance to a super power!

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