Learn about the latest energies and understanding from the Cosmos!

Eclipse Season is here!

Eclipses on top of the Summer Solstice means we are in for a powerful energetic time.

 Learn what the Galactic Council has to teach us about this time and partake in a meditation that will take you to a place where you can access your particular Starseed lineage.

 This will assist you with your energetic body during these turbulent times & to help you remember who you are at your core.    


  When we connect as a group we create a field that is extremely powerful and can shift timelines and potentials. It   allows new information to become part of us while simultaneously letting go of limitations and blocks. When we connect from a space of unconditional love, neutrality, and with the highest intention for all… miracles happen.  

  As we connect, we will also hold space for the creation of the new through unconditional love and neutrality. We will help to           build energetic pathways into the new reality. As we focus on the new and not the crumbling of the old, we will leave guideposts along the way for others to follow.

 I am offering this at 4 separate dates/times because the group size is limited so that we may experience deep connection with one another. 

We will meet via zoom. You do not need to be present to participate. All sessions will be recorded and sent within 24 hours via WeTransfer for you to listen to at your own convenience.

Join Jenny on

Monday, June 8th, 2020

5:30 pm MDT

Join Jenny on

Thursday, June 11th, 2020

11:30 am MDT

Join Jenny on

Wednesday, June 10th, 2020

5:30 pm MDT

Join Jenny on

Friday, June 12th, 2020

1:00 pm MDT

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Inner Circle Sessions are 45 to 60 minutes

You do not need to be present to participate. All registered participants will receive a recording of the session. Recordings will be sent 24 hours after the session to the email used when registering via WeTransfer.

You will be emailed your zoom link upon registration. If you do not receive it, please check your spam folder.  If you still do not see it, then email me no later than 1 hour prior to the session at info@jennyschiltz.com.

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