Meet the Artist – Sean

Sean is originally from central New York State and a 20 year resident of Colorado. He made Colorado his home after falling in love with the beauty and energy that the Rocky Mountains offered.  When not working, Sean spends his free time exploring the mountains with his three furry companions. This connection to nature is what brought about his love for minerals and crystals, commonly found during these excursions. A tattoo artist by trade, working with his hands comes naturally, and he is enjoying funneling his artistry and spiritual energy into a craft that others can enjoy.

“Crystals have been a very important part of my journey. When I first became interested in crystals I would find myself attracted to a particular crystal or gemstone ring, then once I purchased it and looked up the meaning I saw exactly where it fit into my life. I would wear a particular ring for an extended time until somehow the stone would just fall out. I realized that when this happened it was spirit telling me that it was time to find a new stone to help me in a different way than the previous could. Each time I would choose by pure instinct, completely amazed when I looked up the meanings and found such deep significance in my life.  I then became attracted to the crystal pendants and would buy these based purely on instinct as well. Wearing a pendant marked a milestone for me as prior to healing my chakras, I couldn’t wear a necklace without feeling as if I was being choked. Now I have quite a few pendants, all special to me. I keep them on the windowsill, where they get a charge from the sun. I let my intuition guide me daily to tell me which would best assist me for the day.  Offering pendants on my site is my way of sharing this beautiful love I have for crystals with you.”