“Connect With the Ancient Knowledge Within” Group Call and Meditation


Recording of the 90-minute live group learning and healing session from March 17th, 2018 “Connect with the Ancient Knowledge Within”.

Complete with a stand-alone copy of the meditation given during the call, distraction free and set to music as a separate file.



Informational and healing session to help you to Connect with the Ancient Knowledge Within.

A 90-minute session where you will receive information on how to heal your Ancestral DNA and work with the body to ease the weight gain that can come with ascension. In the meditation, you will receive healing, codes, and activations that will help you to clear so that you can connect with the Ancient Knowledge that is stored deep within you.

The meditation within the group call has background noise so a distraction-free copy has been included in this package for your use.

**You will receive an email (entitled Your order receipt) with the zip files to download to your computer. If you do not receive an email within 10 minutes, check your SPAM file. If for some reason you do not receive the downloads, email me at info@jennyschiltz.com ***

Read what people are saying:
Just wanted to give a big shout out to tell you how wonderful the meditation was and the group work that you facilitated! I only get to listen to the recording now and slept through half of the meditation but totally enjoyed it. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!! Love you beautiful, amazing, powerful soul in this beautiful, amazing, powerful human body as Jenny! <3
Much love & gratitude,
Jovy xoxox
Amazing Jenny!! 
I redid the whole session today. It was amazing! I went in to actually talk to my body for the first time and OMG!!! My whole inside was like a steam engine. Full on just a couple of minutes before the shit is going to blow up! 
What do you need?? LOOOOOOVVVEE! 
The meditation was amazing and I saw viviid colours. DOn’t usually do. At the end you said something about the vagus nerve and I have meant to research that for a long time, but haven’t got around to it until today! 

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