Healing Session: Integrating All That You Are and Have Been


Group Call and Meditation from December 15, 2018: Integrating All That You Are and Have Been

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All is integrating into One. All of our past lives, galactic lives, aspects of self, our shadow, alternate timelines, and even parallel worlds. This is not an easy task, but as we integrate and heal all of our parts we are able to embody more of our soul. This allows us to live an empowered life not hindered by what is churning underneath.

During this group call, we will discuss what is taking place energetically as we integrate and I will take you on a guided healing meditation given to me by my team to help you. You will receive healing frequencies, fields and codes to assist you with the process. Each time you listen to the session you will be able to integrate and heal more.

You will receive the complete copy of the session along with separate copies of the healing meditation portion so that you may experience the meditation without having to listen to the entire webinar.


What people are saying: 

What a wonderful journey.  Thank you Jenny …   DeDe Atwood

Thank you so much for a powerful group healing and journey! ( My dog got in during the white tornado, thank you for taking her into account as well.) It made me feel very light and easy to breathe, as if zero gravity and limitless space inside me.  – Sanna

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