Soul Retrieval


The first session is 90 minutes where we discuss why you think you have soul loss and the best way to welcome your soul parts home. I will then perform the actual soul retrieval with you on the phone or via skype, zoom or google hangouts.

The second part is an hour long session where we discuss how your integration of the soul parts is affecting you. This is scheduled between 4 weeks and 4 months after your soul parts are returned as it is at least 2 weeks for integration to begin and often a couple of months for the pieces to fully anchor in. If anytime during the integration time, you need assistance, I am available via email and on the rare occasion, we can schedule a brief session.

We will be working with the guides during this entire process to help you receive the most healing possible. This session can be held via Skype or zoom (worldwide) or by phone (US or Canada only).


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