Welcome to the 'Return to Self' Academy

A journey to awaken the healing, empowerment, & transformation inside you

Return to Self Academy is a space dedicated to bring you the best of Jenny Schiltz's work; downloaded, condensed and optimized for you to integrate along your personal journey.
We are so excited to bring you the first of many in-depth and ground-breaking courses that all focus on the one objective of the Return to Self Academy: Returning to your Divine Self and soul essence by accessing your own inner wisdom and walking in your power.
And we are here to guide and facilitate that process in any way that we can.
That being said, your own power and wisdom are yours alone to discover, by definition.
However, from our own experience, it can be invaluable to have a guiding hand and loving support from someone who has gone through the same internal process you are going through. This is exactly what we strive to provide in RTS Academy and we hope you will feel more in a family of like-minded community members than in what traditionally has been the online learning environment.
That’s why we are excited to bring you this new learning experience where we seemlessly blend the interactive format of live sessions with all the time you need to clarify your questions and share your experiences throughout the course with the “study-on-your-own-time” format of the core materials.
These materials are broken down into easily digestable audio-visual presentations based on each topic that you can easily revisit as many times as you like. We feel this aids in the integration of the information and allows for a real transformation to occur along the length of the course
Each week’s presentations will be complimented with extra materials and excercises to do at home. We will discuss our experiences amongst our classmates and with me during each week’s live session so we all learn and benefit from each other.
Each course in RTS Academy stands on its own for those who want to take advantage of a specific topic. However each course also represents an aspect of the integrated whole of the Awakening experience and each compliments and reinforces the other courses that RTS will be offering.
Please join us in this labor of love and form part of a genuine community of people dedicated to changing the world through consciousness and personal realization!

Current Course Offering:

Course: Connecting with the Nature Spirits

A 6 week online/interactive course to awaken to the magic around you and start believing. Live group coaching calls each week.

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