A complete program to uncover your true soul and dive deep through all the layers of your being.


This program is designed to teach you how to connect to your pure essence by helping you to uncover all that you are and work through all that you are not. 


This is a journey of deep growth and healing in a supportive environment where you will receive the tools you need to create boundaries, heal your wounds and clear your energy field so that you can connect with your inner guidance in a purer way.

Are you wanting a clearer connection with your guidance team to be able to utilize the healing and guidance they can assist with?


Are you tired of being triggered when you connect with others? Are you tired of feeling attacked or burdened by another’s energy field?


Are you tired of the same feelings and thoughts swirling and affecting your vibration?


Do you feel stuck but are unsure what it is that is holding you back?


Do you want access to guidance from an experienced mentor and support of likeminded people as you go through deep and profound change?


If you answer yes to one or more of these questions, then this mentoring program is for you!

Over the next 5 months you will be taken on a deep dive into yourself as we look at:

  • Your fears, expectations & boundaries
  • Ways to support your emotional, physical, and mental health with concrete tools
  • Ways to Connect to your guides and healing team through various techniques
  • How to turn being an empath into a gift instead of a burden
  • Healing and reconnecting with your inner child(ren) and even adult aspects of self that need your attention
  • Loving your shadow so that it does not work subconsciously against you.
  • Uncovering the past lives that are holding you back from your highest potential
  • Working with the Chakra system and understanding how the charkas change as we change our frequency

The Soul Illumination Mentoring Program includes:

Free access to the self-study online course “Understanding Spirit Communication ($55 usd value) to support your understanding of our innate connection with the spirit world.


Your full enrollment into the online environment where you will receive information and practical exercises to deepen your understanding of self and your connection.


10 live online group mentoring workshops (90 min each) with Jenny Schiltz that will assist you in taking your experience to the next level and receive support for challenges you may be facing.


Workshops are spaced 2 weeks apart to allow for plenty of time to process the information and complete the exercises.


Access to a private Facebook group accessible only to those enrolled in the mentoring program. This creates a sense of community that is essential as the Journey to self can be isolating.

Choose between two start dates and times for the live mentoring class:


First Choice: Monday, January 21st  –  11:30 am – 1:00 pm MST

Second Choice: Tuesday, January 22nd –  5:30 pm – 7:00 pm MST.


*All live sessions will be recorded and held on the zoom platform so don’t worry if you are unable to attend live review dates


Enroll now in this 5 month journey where you will uncover and heal the layers that keep you from embodying your true self.


Space is very limited as the groups will be kept small.

One-time Payment

Save $99 by paying upfront

$555 usd

Please email me at info@jennyschiltz.com to let me know which class start date works for you.

Installment Plan


$222 usd


$144 usd

Please email me at info@jennyschiltz.com to let me know which class start date works for you.

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