I’m amazed on how much I’ve worked through – Heidi

I have gone through all the ascension sessions with Jenny and I am amazed at how much I have worked through. Some are more difficult than others to work through, (past life for me), but Jenny is patient and compassionate, and she NEVER projects anything that would make one feel inadequate. She WILL allow you to feel what you are going through and will encourage you to honor what you are experiencing, because that is part of the healing process. You can never fail if you keep going. I love that she gives you the tools to work on yourself, encouraging your empowerment, allowing you to control your own journey. I highly encourage anyone on the path to becoming back to your authentic self to work with Jenny. She has a phenomenal connection with beings of higher consciousness, and you are given so much profound information, I cannot understand how anyone could walk away from her sessions feeling less than they went in. Not possible, even if it takes you a while to notice the changes, they are there. Thank you Jenny for having the courage to work through your own density, and compassion for yourself, to share your abilities with others on this amazing journey.
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