I feel like a child whose world has opened up – Marlena

I began taking ascension guidance classes several weeks ago with Jenny….something I have never done or to be frank – something I didn’t even know existed. Within a short time, I knew this was a gifted soul who has opened doors and shown me paths along my journey. not to mention introduced me to my spirit guide! It’s been an amazing experience. I feel like a child who has had the world opened up to her; and with Jenny it feels like a dear friend rooting me on, patiently enduring my questions and where I am on my journey. No matter where you are on your path, it’s beyond comforting to know its under the guidance of someone who is connected and knowledgeable, not to mention humble and funny. Every session is a bit different, as there is lots of work to do (at least with me…lol) and it builds to work in harmony with who you are right now in your life. For those that are courageous enough to do the work, it’s an amazing journey!  
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