She’s reminded me how to fly – Jessica

To try and put words to the gratefulness I have for Jenny’s light in my path….she’s adorned my journey with bounds of bright, bright love -supporting me like the indestructible, reflective beam that she is. Through my darkest, ugliest trenches and highest, most beautiful treetops, she is there. A gentle heart reaching out to be nothing but gentle presence, guidance, true friend. Jenny has this gift of displaying her love-fueled wings and sharing her experience to simply show you your own pair of wings – unveiling your unique vibration of Love and remembering, creating your essence in the Universe. She’s reminded me how to fly. Through my Ascension Guidance courses, each week sitting across from Jenny (on my laptop screen), I’ve slowly, steadily shed and illuminated the layers cloaking my reality – built strength to create new. In the end, receiving the greatest gift… my truth, my soul, a Sister and a return home to this Universal Love humming within and without. Wishing you the best on your ever-spiraling path to love.
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