This has been a life-enhancing experience – Sameena

I've been working with Jenny for a couple of years now and she just recently performed a soul retrieval. It's hard to articulate the power and shifting that comes with this, but since then I've had memories resurface that I had long forgotten, and I thought I remembered most things that were traumatic for me as I've been on this path intensely for quite some time. So imagine my surprise when some very hurtful experiences resurfaced seemingly out of the blue for me! Jenny had touched on themes previously, but I knew the rest was up to me to work through. And it's been such a gift to have these memories and themes pop up for me since then, on such a deep level so that I'm now aware of certain instances where I gave pieces of my soul to others. Since the retrieval I have felt more in my personal power, like setting boundaries without feeling guilty, speaking up when I previously would have just journaled about it, and also knowing that I have a right to say what I am feeling without taking responsibility for everyone else. Jenny's approach is always nonjudgmental, supportive, validating, and yet challenging in the way that needs to be done to do this work. The information that came through to her, and later to me, is invaluable for those who are seeking to feel whole, who are wanting to get into their subconscious blindspots, and to not repeat patterns that are harmful to ourselves. This has been a life-enhancing experience for me and I trust Jenny to handle this with such warmth and compassion, She is truly gifted at what she does and I highly recommend her. One of the things I love best about my sessions with Jenny is that she allows space to process the information that comes through. She does not claim to be a therapist, but what I've noticed about many spiritual workers is that they just deliver the information and that's it. While the info is helpful, I believe we need some space to process our reactions, and Jenny allows this and is compassionate about what comes up and always clarifies the information that comes through in case we misinterpret it. As always, thank you Jenny for a beautiful experience.